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Teeth Whitening in Milwaukee Gives Dazzling Results

December 24, 2016

Teeth whitening in Milwaukee brightens dark dental stains. Dr. Barry Franzen uses in-office treatments for safe and reliable results.Enamel stained from smoking or darkly pigmented foods and beverages brightens with teeth whitening products. Should you use over the counter strips, rinses toothpastes or gels, or get professional teeth whitening in Milwaukee from Dr. Barry R. Franzen? Read on for more details on this popular cosmetic dental service, and your choice will become clear.

How Do Dental Stains Happen?

Most tooth discoloration comes from poor oral hygiene, simple wear and tear and from what we put in our mouths. Cigarette smoke and richly pigmented dietary choices coat tooth enamel with organic matter. This material leads to what dentists call extrinsic stains, a fancy term for surface discolorations. Extrinsic stains are removed more easily than intrinsic, or deep, staining from some prescription medications, oral injury or root canal therapy.

Over time, staining organic matter penetrates the mineral matrix of tooth enamel, leaving it dull and yellow or light brown and spotty.  Brushing, flossing and even professional cleanings with your dentist in Milwaukee cleaning cannot remove these stubborn stains adequately.

What Can You Do?

There are many quality whitening products on the market. Toothpastes, swab-on gels and strips, approved by the American Dental Association, do an adequate job of lightening stained enamel. Their active ingredient is carbamide peroxide which lifts out some of the discoloration.

However, over the counter whitening has drawbacks. It doesn’t do an excellent job of whitening. The process takes many applications, and it can leave the patient with tooth and gum sensitivity, particularly when the gel is applied with one-size-fits-all whitening trays.

Professional teeth whitening with Dr. Franzen, is superior. Because Dr. Franzen examines his cosmetic dentistry patients before recommending whitening, they know their teeth and gums are healthy enough for the procedure.

Also, teeth whitening is fully supervised by Dr. Franzen and his team. So, patients are assured their teeth and gums will be comfortable and undamaged.

Professional teeth whitening uses  hydrogen peroxide gel–similar in chemical composition to over the counter preparations but more concentrated and effective. Dr. Franzen takes impressions and fabricates acrylic whitening trays which the patient uses at home to apply the gel for a prescribed amount of time daily. After two weeks, teeth are dramatically whiter by up to eight shades. And, better yet, there’s no dental or gingival sensitivity.

Results of professional teeth whitening last indefinitely with diligent brushing and flossing at home. Dr. Franzen’s whitening patients come to the office every six months for hygienic cleanings, X-rays as needed and check-ups. Occasional whitening touch-ups, limiting staining foods and beverages and eliminating tobacco usage keep teeth dazzling.

Are You a Whitening Candidate?

Many older teens and adults are. Please contact the offices of Dr. Barry R. Franzen to schedule an informative cosmetic dentistry consultation,  and ask about teeth whitening. You will love how whiter teeth make you look and feel.

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