Beautifying Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI

Today the public is bombarded with television and radio ads expounding the virtues of cosmetic dentistry and the "specialists" who provide these services. It leads to an inevitable question – "what's the difference between a prosthodontist and a cosmetic dentist?"

A prosthodontist is someone who has completed four years of dental school and then has entered into a minimum of two to three years of advanced training with a focus on crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, and dental implants. While cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized dental specialty, there are many highly skilled dentists that perform cosmetic procedures with wonderful results. A prosthodontist, such as Dr. Franzen, will provide these same results with the benefits of years of additional study and training.

As your Milwaukee prosthodontist, Dr. Franzen ensures that our restorative procedures meet the requirements of form and function. When the restorations are in harmony with the remaining teeth, they provide the cosmetic and esthetic results every patient deserves. To enhance the appearance of your smile, Dr. Franzen may recommend porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, or a cosmetic gum lift.

To experience quality, state-of-the-art care, call Milwaukee Dental Implants and reserve your consultation with Dr. Barry R. Franzen. Patients from Milwaukee, West Allis, Waukesha, and Southeast Wisconsin enjoy the benefits of Dr. Franzen’s specialized dental practice.

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