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Our Advanced Services & Technologies

Senior man and woman smiling together

Modern-day dentistry is truly amazing, and to see evidence of that, you need look no further than Milwaukee Dental Implants. Thanks to the latest advancements in the field, we’re able to do so much more than simply prevent and fix cavities! Now, we can address all kinds of chronic head and jaw pain, fully explain your care using vivid images, and even calm your dental nerves using sedation. Using the technology outlined below, we’ll make sure your visits are always super quick, easy, and deliver beautiful results.


Patient with NuCalm eye mask and headphones

Do you feel nervous about visiting the dentist? NuCalm offers a drug-free way to help any dental anxiety you might have quickly melt away. It combines a mild sedative, noise-cancelling headphones, and a gentle head massage to help patients feel like they are floating on a cloud of relaxation during their appointments.

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Intraoral Cameras

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral photos

Our Carestream intraoral cameras allow our patients to do something they never could in the past: actually see their smile from their dentist’s point of view! Each camera is a small, pen-sized device that fits easily into the mouth to capture highly-detailed images of the teeth and gums. We can then display these images on a nearby monitor for you to go over with your dentist. You’ll literally gain a whole new perspective on your dental health, plus we’ll be able to show you exactly why we might be recommending a certain treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Pen pointing to digital dental x-rays

Compared to traditional, film-based dental X-rays, digital X-rays create images much faster, don’t require harsh chemicals to be developed, and they also emit up to 80% LESS radiation. Basically, they are a huge leap forward every way you look at them! We can also blow up, rotate, and color-code the images for you to go over and easily understand with your dentist.

Learn More About Digital X-Rays

Digital Panorex

Panoramic dental x-rays on computer screen

This is a unique type of X-ray that creates a panoramic view of your entire oral cavity. It gives us the ability to view all of your teeth at the same time, which is something we simply can’t do with other diagnostic images. This will help us gain a more global understanding of your dental health when planning treatments.

Learn More About Digital Panorex Imaging

Digital Impression System

Digital bite impressions on chairside computer

Dental impressions have finally joined the 21st-century! At our practice, they no longer involve a patient biting into messy, odd-smelling dental putty. With our Trios digital scanner, a small device is used to capture dozens of unique images of the teeth that are then pieced together by software to create a fully digital 3D impression.

Learn More About Trios Digital Impression System

3D Cone-Beam Imaging

Woman receiving 3D cone beam scan

When we need a little more information than what a traditional 2D X-ray can tell us, we like to use our Carestream 3D cone-beam scanner. This device is used to create a 3D X-ray of your teeth, jaw, and other surrounding structures. With it, we can identify issues occurring below the gum line as well as formulate precise treatment plans for more complicated procedures, such as dental implant placement.

Learn More About 3D Cone-Beam Imaging

3D Printing

Tech working on 3D smile model

Creating accurate models of the teeth is one of the most important things we can do in order to better personalize our patients’ treatments. Now, we’re able to literally print three-dimensional dental models. We can use them to design restorations, plan a cosmetic makeover, or simply explain to a patient what we are seeing when we look at their teeth. This technology is relatively new, but it has already improved our level of care, and it will continue to do so as the years go by.

Soft-Tissue Laser

Patient receiving soft tissue laser treatment

With our soft tissue laser, we can perform even the most sensitive periodontal (gum) procedures quickly, painlessly, and often in just one visit! It can instantly eliminate harmful bacteria from along the gum line, effectively remove infected tissue, and even help us perform cosmetic gum lifts to beautify the smile.

Learn More About Soft-Tissue Lasers

Piezo Scalpel

Smiling man in dental chair

We use the Piezo Scalpel to help us perform various procedures a patient might need before getting dental implants, such as a bone graft, sinus lift, or extraction. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to speed up treatment, increase safety, and even shorten recovery time so a patient can rebuild their smile in less time than ever.

Learn More About Piezo Scalpel

Wax-Up Dentistry

Tech working with wax up model

Wax-up dentistry involves Dr. Franzen literally creating a wax model of your teeth and gums in order to specially design your treatments. These wax models will give you a chance to see your teeth from the world’s perspective and ask for any adjustments to be made. With them, whether you’re getting a full-mouth reconstruction or not, we can make sure we’re doing everything perfectly the first time every time.

Learn More About Wax-Up Dentistry