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Dental Practices Can Be Green Too

April 19, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Barry Franzen @ 5:43 pm

“Going Green” is a positive trend in American business today. Companies across the country are becoming more aware of their “carbon footprint” and are taking action to leave a less-destructive mark on the planet. It may seem difficult to make positive changes, but for us, when the digital x-ray came along, we knew we had an opportunity to allow this new technology to make a change for the better.

At the office of Dr. Barry Franzen, dental implant specialist, we want to protect the planet as much as the next person, which is why we decided to “go green” as well, by incorporating digital x-rays into our practice. Now, we can better serve you, and better serve our planet.

The Benefits to Your Health

While the Earth is benefitting from the transition, the most important contribution that digital x-rays have made is to you, the patient. Digital x-rays give us access to more detailed information about your oral health. They can detect periodontal disease, cavities, and other potential problems. We can detect the problems earlier than any time in history, even compared to very recently. The sooner we can make our diagnosis, the sooner we are able to treat you and the sooner you are able to get on with your life.

Digital x-rays offer even more incentives. If you are concerned with radiation exposure – and if you’ve gone through chemotherapy in the past – you can rest assured knowing that digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation exposure by 70-80%! This is great news for you and us, as we are around this equipment every day.

Additionally, digital x-rays are easier to share between dentists and physicians. Whether we need the second opinion of a specialist, set up a consultation, or even to transfer the images to another office so you can receive treatment we are unable to provide, digital imaging allows us to do this. Without a doubt, the images will reach their destination without a glitch and in the exact condition in which we sent them.

The Benefits to Our Planet

The benefits that digital x-rays offer to the planet are two-fold. First, digital imaging does not require lengthy chemical processing like film does, and therefore, utilizes less chemical waste, and second, digital imaging allows us to share our findings via the internet instead of fax or mail – both of which require paper.

Going green is an expanding trend in our country and one we are glad to be participating in. Dentistry has found its niche within this new era, and it’s here to stay. If digital x-rays can save lives, time, and the planet, what’s not to love? Get on board for change and visit to see more about how our technology serves you and the world.

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