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My Dental Implants Hurt! How Can My Local Dentist Help Me?

October 11, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Barry Franzen @ 6:46 pm

woman dental pain uncomfortable Although dental implants have a success rate rounding at about 98%, there is always a risk when you choose to undergo surgery—even oral surgery. If you feel worse with your new dental implants than before when you had missing teeth, your dental implant may be one of the very few 2% with implant failure.

There are a few main reasons why dental implants can fail. Thankfully, your dentist can help you address your dental issue, making your dental implant the effective tooth replacement you’re looking for.

Why Dental Implants May Fail

Dental implant placement is relatively simple, but there are a few factors that can make your oral surgery complex. The main concern when it comes to oral surgery isn’t the actual placement, it’s the healing period afterward. That’s why your dentist emphasizes the importance of upholding excellent oral health, especially after your placement has been completed. Here are the most common reasons why dental implants may be unsuccessful.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Although the placement is relatively simple and can be “completed” during your scheduled appointment, there’s a healing period that must take place to deem your implants secure and successful. A few months will be dedicated to healing and fusing the implant post with your body with a process called “osseointegration.”

Respecting this process is key to dental implant success. The best way to honor this process is to keep excellent oral hygiene, keeping infectious materials and bad dental bacteria far from the affected area. Infections can lead to swelling, irritation, and ultimately dental implant failure.

Tobacco Use

When it comes to your overall health—especially your oral health—any dentist will tell you that using tobacco is horrible for you. Even considering getting dental implants, your dentist will highly recommend quitting tobacco use altogether before approving dental implant placement. If you choose to use tobacco after your implant placement, you’re risking its failure.

Tobacco affects the healing of your dental implant by making it take significantly longer. How? The carcinogens in tobacco smoke act as an irritant to the affected area. Plus, unhealthy chemicals found in tobacco products can cause infections.

Chronic Teeth Grinding

Your dentist may have mentioned this before, but dental implants may not be the best option for you if you have a long history of teeth grinding (bruxism). Since the motion associated with teeth grinding can cause dental damage and movement of your implant, it could change the position of your tooth replacement.

Especially during the setting/healing period, your dental prosthetic that’s attached to your implant post may become damaged over time because of your grinding habit. If your dentist is aware of your grinding habit, you may be issued a personalized mouthguard to wear at night. Make sure you wear it!

If you are experiencing any of these problems during your healing period, you may be already experiencing dental implant failure. It’s best to reach out to your dentist right away for assistance correcting your problem so that you can experience an effective tooth replacement!

About Our Office

All isn’t lost when you choose to visit the office of Barry R. Franzen, DDS. It may be possible to save your dental implant if you reach out to our office early on. We can help you re-stabilize the affected area by building up the bone & gum tissue surrounding it. Feel free to contact us for additional assistance!

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