Extracting Teeth in Milwaukee, WI


Tooth extraction is a common procedure that involves removing a tooth from its socket. Typically, teeth are removed if they’re overcrowded, impacted, or damaged beyond repair. Dr. Franzen is experienced in oral and maxillofacial surgery and is qualified to perform most types of tooth extractions.

Simple Extraction - A simple tooth extraction involves removing a tooth that has already erupted. The procedure is minor and generally completed in a single day with local anesthetic. Dr. Franzen may perform a simple tooth extraction to prepare a patient to receive dentures, dental implants, or a full-mouth reconstruction.

Surgical Extraction - This procedure is a little more complicated and requires additional training in oral surgery. A surgical extraction is necessary when a tooth does not erupt fully. The most common type of surgical extraction is a wisdom tooth extraction. If your surgical needs exceed Dr. Franzen’s expertise, he will work with a specialist to ensure optimal results.

If you have any questions about tooth extractions or oral surgery, don’t hesitate to call Milwaukee Dental Implants. Dr. Barry R. Franzen has been helping Milwaukee-area patients smile with confidence for nearly 25 years.

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