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Advances in dental technology are some of the greatest achievements in modern science. Today, dentists can detect oral health problems at their earliest stages, repair them quickly and safely, and show patients the results before treatment even begins. Best of all, the modern dentist can permanently replace missing teeth with a level of accuracy once thought impossible.

Digital technology helps us determine the underlying causes of dental conditions and decide upon the best method of care. Once Dr. Franzen has designed a treatment plan, he can predict the results with a wax-up model. We have implemented lasers (highly focused light energy) for more precise and comfortable care. Our soft-tissue laser is perfect for gently modifying the gum tissues while preparing teeth for crowns or bridges.

Dr. Franzen utilizes the Astra Tech computer-guided surgical program for pinpoint accuracy while placing dental implants. With this guide, Dr. Franzen locates the optimal position in the jaw –the exact location that will provide the greatest level of support for the implant. Computer-guided software has made tooth replacement a predictable, successful, and safe procedure.

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