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Multiple Tooth Replacement - Milwaukee, WI

Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence

120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth while another 35 million do not have any remaining. If you are among those with an incomplete smile, each missing tooth creates significant changes to your oral health and your quality of life. Now, you struggle to chew your favorite foods while your speech also sounds slurred. Not to mention, you are insecure about your appearance, so you often hide your mouth when smiling or talking. You can overcome the challenges of multiple missing teeth with traditional solutions or dental implants in Milwaukee. Dr. Barry Franzen will determine which option best meets your needs.

What are My Tooth Replacement Options?

woman smiling

New innovations in dentistry provide multiple options to replace your missing teeth. Your dentist in Milwaukee, Dr. Franzen evaluates your oral health and discusses your lifestyle to make the right choice for your smile.

Crown & Bridge

A crown and bridge are the most conventional solution to replace one to three consecutive missing teeth. Dr. Franzen uses an impression of your mouth to craft prosthetic teeth to fill the space. The bridge is held in place by reshaping your adjacent teeth to allow dental crowns to be bonded to them. With the right aftercare, your new smile can last an average of 5 years before needing to be replaced.

Implant-Supported Bridge

As an alternative to a traditional bridge, you can enjoy the security of dental implants. Two or more titanium implant posts are surgically placed into your jawbone to act as new roots. This stimulates new bone growth, allowing the bone and posts to fuse to one another. After adequate healing occurs, abutments are attached to the posts to connect your custom-made bridge. With over a 95% success rate, you never need to worry about having the posts replaced.

Partial Dentures/Implant-Supported Partial Dentures

If you are missing most of your natural teeth, a partial denture can complete your smile. The prosthetic teeth are attached to a gum-colored base and a metal framework, which allows it to clasp or clip onto your natural teeth to hold it in place. As an alternative, implant posts can also be used to anchor it to your jawbone. With dental implants, you will never need to worry about any slipping or irritation. You can regain as much as 70% of your biting force with a treatment that can last for a lifetime.

How Do I Determine which Implant Solution is Right for Me?

implant-supported bridge

If you have good oral and general health, you are a candidate for dental implants; however, Dr. Franzen will perform a comprehensive consultation to assess the health of your jawbone and risk factors for implant failure, such as autoimmune disorders. Based on the information and your degree of tooth loss, he creates a customized treatment plan to accommodate your personal preferences and your oral health needs.

Does Replacing Multiple Teeth Impact the Cost? 

implant-retained denture

There is no set price tag for replacing multiple teeth because the amount is based on several factors, such as the type of treatment, if any additional procedures are needed, and your dental coverage. We help to reduce the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket by maximizing the value of your insurance policy. To cover any remaining balance, we accept third-party financing.

Complete Your Smile Today!

You can improve your quality of life with a complete smile. If you are ready to replace your missing teeth, contact our office today to see which treatment is right for you.